Saturday’s outfit 

Apart from listening to music I love taking pics it’s another medicine to my soul.I know I ain’t that perfect to be loved by many but I love myself and those that know me I guess they also do love me.But love has to start from you giving it to yourself before you offer it to others.It’s like creating a product you have to first test it before putting it out but don’t confuse love with a product coz product is payable but love honey ain’t for sale and if you buy it ain’t gonna be that good coz it’s vague
By Nyar G.


Sneakers and jeans

Hi everyone it’s been long since I posted was feeling under the weather thank God for today.It’s sunny,a bit chilly though but yesss no more flu!!!!.A new hair (wig) and am loving it.Can’t wait for summer to show off my afro….blessed day to all.What’s your Valentine’s plan coz am out of ideas but I need to do something out of my comfort zone. ..

Sneakers from Deichmann pl