Big hair diaries 

Well personally when I mean big hair doesn’t necessarily mean my hair lol😂😂😂,but why not ???Have missed posting stuff coz lots of things steal my time but today decided to do some posting coz am in the spirit of happiness. 

I can testify that prayers do work but not immediately, no am not a born again 😂😂😂😂.

I Know somebody will think I am.The reasons behind me saying so is that last year I had been praying for so much and almost gave up but come this year I can see how much blessed I am and how much I keep on being blessed.I decided to focus on my achievement rather than my failures and how much I have grown.

Well just like the big hair we all know it needs to be cared for and thus I decided to give myself self appreciation rather than comparison,strength rather than a beat up,love instead of wishes and above all contempt.

How’s spring for you guys though? ??


Author: Nyargeorge

Am a wife I live in Poland am from Kenya. I love traveling learning culture and discovery new people or stuff or places in short am just a normal person with a bubbly personality.

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