Milan is a very interesting place to go to for a holiday full of zeal,life and culture.Piazza del Duomo(cathedral church) is an incredible  interior space.Once inside you would begin to wonder if this is a church or heaven the bohemian design inside is full of life.Oh btw don’t go in a short outfit i didn’t know that if you are in an outfit that doesn’t cover your knee you don’t go in but you can buy scarf outside the entrance.after there you can stroll to Galleria Vittorio its very close to the cathedral its a shopping mall.Beautiful street there but too my photos below you’ll be able to see some amazing shots i took hope you’ll share with me your take when you go there one day too. thanks

Nyar G.


Author: Nyargeorge

Am a wife I live in Poland am from Kenya. I love traveling learning culture and discovery new people or stuff or places in short am just a normal person with a bubbly personality.

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